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                         Grinding bear

Trash to find food in plastic caskets went into the head of a Bear cub. When a failure occurs. Drawn approximately 10 days with head stuck Casket puppy has traveled. This stage saw the worn Locals said the animal Save Affairs institution. After the organization of the chicks is removed from the head of the casket. Florida phenomenon. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (F W C), according to the Bear cub casket head stuck out of the suffering. 10 days to cross puppy has not drawn down. It was around the baby to die. According to the organization's staff, local people and the plight of the young ones to catch it from the news page for the different types of the trap. But all are not going to bring the cute baby bug. The mother bear was actually invaded and brought under control. After the baby grabbed his head is removed from the casket. According to the staff, the bear and her two Babies often seen wandering the area in search of food dustbin. The Baby rescued from dying after they fear does not happen again in the