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                 Bacteria sense

Bacteria like humans ' sense ' there. So far, scientists have been saying, the bacterium has three senses. Now those apply to a more sensuous. Bacteria have been identified in the sense that it is the latest ' nose ‘. They have each other and small particles in the air can take the scent. They are aware of the presence of rivals or enemies. Run a study group of scientists at the University of Newcastle in the UK. The study's findings were published Monday in the Journal of Biotechnology. Scientists claim bacteria get to see the light, through touch, feel, and taste and understand the environments and exposure to chemicals and small particles floating in the air can sniff the scent. Not only their hearing. Laboratory scientists are seeing, and Bacillus sabatilisa licenipharamasa rival two species of bacteria in their food ground - the elements of ammonia react similarly. Each of them is getting the sticky substance secreted ammonia. Newcastle University Professor Grant baragesa dove marine lab director, said, "Many molecules have been Liberia nose. Even as the unicellular Fungus east. But this is the first evidence of common sense found in Bacteria. ‘However, he said the final decision on the matter for further testing - evaluation is needed. But how complex and how bacteria communicate with each other if they are an important information. “Another member of the research team said. Rindarta nijalyanda said however , found evidence of bacteria , but exactly what kind of smell ' nose ' can sniff it they are the gender yet . She hoped to be able to know about it. Source: The Independent