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 Don't need Stomach

A year passed without the stomach turned to the Indian -born British teenagers Singh 30. Similarly, seven months have passed mitarao _ his younger sister. Gastric cancer in June last year after being forced to cut doctors Raveendran stomach. Singh family history of gastric cancer in December last year and looks to be a big sister with a surgeon's knife namesake lying down. The two sisters have learned to live with it in the past. But life is much, much harder now, at least , so it seems to Raveendran . When namesake 10 years of age, their parents suffer baladeba Singh died of the same disease. Gastric or stomach cancer, their families took at least five people. A doctor says, the rare E - cadherin genes because this disease often strikes Singh family. The whole world is approximately 100 family genes. Ravindra said the scariest thing is that if there is food in the stomach. Will feel hunger, would you want to drink, but a little yon will find all of the body as soon as. After surgery, he could not eat more than a spoonful of pratibare earlier. But now the situation has improved a lot. The amount of time that could eat healthy before, now its one - third of his body can take. Mita said, what is much more important to make sure that now. If the food is heavy, or the amounts are a little more, then started feeling uncomfortable. Diarrhea sometimes carried. After surgery has decreased from about 0 percent of the weight of the two sisters. Slightly more than much kg in weight Raveendran . However, removal of stomach cancer and not getting a cut. Leeds Teaching Hospital consultant Dr Simon deksatara said, the only way of getting rid of stomach cancer ties cuts. Failure to comply with the rules of the stomach is possible to live comfortably. Mita said, ' I have cancer. But I guess that does not in any way except in. Our parents have died from this disease. When Tagore was attacked, then I take the final decision. Since then, I'm relaxed and mentally.