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Titanic ships that carried her through that was born this day in history did not end. This journey , drowning in the sea , massive bloodshed , rare survivors of some people , taking shelter from the ship wreck salvage Sea Floor _ Above all things one has added a new dimension in surround the vessel in history . Now it is adding another dimension. Titanic wreckage and retrieve various accessories from a company in the United States, were announced, offering a reward of $ 11 million. RMS Titanic Titanic incorporation of the substance recovered from the sea, the company that is organizing the show around the world.
The journey from Southampton to New York in 1912 of the Titanic ship and about 400 miles off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada after hitting the iceberg and sank to the sea. Have sunk deep into the North Atlantic, the Titanic four kilometers in 1985 to match the look. Following a legal process in a court of the United States in 1994 Titanic relics and other items bathe on the rescue ship RMS Titanic Incorporation is authorized to run. After a seven -point rescue organization more than five thousand items recovered from the half. A federal judge in connection with the organization of the market value of the equivalent of 11 million dollars prize offering of goods ordered.
The court clearly stated that rescue efforts had to authorize, via ship or to the authority of those products Souvenirs and salvage rights to the company about not being paid. The decision will be taken in the future. I have been informed, the company is one of goods there is no copyright. The property will be sold to a Of goods the court will decide whether or not him.
Source: BBC News