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                  Six months to 80 years

80 -year-s old man into space like a couple of months Spending Aerials physically weakens. International Space Station (ISS) for several Crew scientists had examined the arm muscle cells .Recently; physiology has published an article in the Journal of the results of related studies. Researchers claim, after six months in orbit spacecraft power of 40 percent of labor decreases. This means that 30 to 50 year old lost an astronaut arm muscles muscular performance level reached 80 years old. Losing weight is a result of the continuous space astronaut scan is risky because of sending people to Mars, scientists said Wednesday. According to NASA for Space Research Organization, go to Mars crew will take at least 10 months. After that there will be the year ago. In all, nearly three- year-long campaigns to human Mars. University of-Wisconsin in the United States market was conducted by Professor Robert fits. Before and after the United States and Russia for research I .S A. sending nine aerial arm muscles were examined. Researchers say the-space station crew, despite regular exercise in physical condition-deteriorated. In fact, I.S.A. two sex (Cause to run exercise machine) and has an exercise bike.  Source: The Telegraph