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                  Short of going to the moon

The moon has been reduced. Whether the temperature of the interior of a habitat, increasing the chances of the contraction. Has confirmed that the body of contraction of the Moon ' spots ' to. Are cool spots or cracks that have been created due to compression of the Moon Space scientists said? U.S. space agency NASA research satellite image taken on the moon from the Orbits Lunar rikanesana found the spots or fissures. Scientists say they have recently been made. Washington DC, Center for Earth and planetary Studies Institute researcher Dr Smithasani Yana. Oyatarasa Thomas said, after the creation of the moon constantly losing heat. The interior temperature has decreased significantly. Heat loss in consequence of the small size of the Moon has been consolidated in the body. UNO falls are caused by the effects of stress on the Moon. Film showing the in order to make crack spots. Scientists say it is true that the moon has been reduced. However, the speed is too slow contractions. This nearly 100 -mile radius has been reduced to minimize the Moon. Was it at least a few billion years when the decline. That is, those who love to see the moon; they have no reason to worry. A few days before their eyes, the moon does not become smaller. Preserve the shape of the earth from the moon to the naked eye for many years. Source: The Telegraph news