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  Batty vampire bites in the Peruvian Amazon

Peruvian Amazon area batty vampire bite, four Aboriginal deaths caused by rabies virus. Five hundred more were injured. Peru's Health Ministry to tackle the outbreak of incubation, three emergency medical teams sent to remote areas of the Amazon. According to the Ministry of Health, the Peruvian Amazon north - eastern areas bordering Ecuador urakusa tribal village aguyahuna bat 508 guns were injured. Health Ministry officials said Jose busatamenta; bat guns to prevent rabies vaccine Percent 97 people have been injured. Three percent was willing to take the vaccine. Is expected in the next few days will be brought to their treatment. Jose busatamenta said, Physician groups spread of rabies in the area, 10 km in the last six months trying to find people bat attack. Unable to identify the cause of death of four children of indigenous communities, seeking to help the authorities. The doctors are sure that children have died akranta hydrophobia. The Vampire bats usually live to taste the blood of the wildlife. Occasionally, however, they are attacking people for food, especially the destruction of their habitat in the forests. Some of the local people are saying about the attacks in recent years from the Amazon may have bat with temperature decrease.Source: BBC