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  Calcium pills increase the risk of heart attack

Prevent erosion bone calcium pills or capsules Khan for older people , it increases the risk of heart attack . The results of a study published in the British Medical Journal have called those additional measures to meet the demands of the body as calcium pills Eat at least 30 percent of their increased risk of heart attack . The test data obtained from 11 studies of calcium pills to prevent bone loss or erosion is not very effective . Nearly 30 million people in Britain osteoporosis (bone tuberculosis) suffer . Many of calcium to prevent bone loss pills eating . A study of physicians to meet the calcium pill intake osteoporosis prescriptions are invited to review the matter . According to the National osteoporosis Society in Britain , the majority of people to run to the pharmacy to get adequate calcium in the daily diet should be arranged . Researchers who have high level of residual risk Calcium-rich not eat them . In these experiments , approximately 12 thousand people took part in Over 40 years . Each of them every 500 mg calcium pill or take one or more of the levels . However , the researchers did not know the cause of increased risk of heart attack due to a calcium pill . They are considered , the excess calcium buildup in the arteries by blood flow obstruction , the problem is made . However , calcium intakes through food is safe . Britain khadyamana According to the company , seven milligrams of calcium daily needs of an adult person . Which the milk , cheese and greens - you can quite easily get from vegetables . Ayabhenela ayabaradinera University Professor Alice said , ' tests can be seen from the data available , calcium pills to prevent bone loss or the fragility of little avail . "However , he said , did not prove that it occurs in young people .