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Welcome to the 10 new species biodiversity in crash

The creature - an essential increase in the level of adherence to the chain of balance protecting biodiversity. But the world is more connected to the new species, more than is lost forever. It was in May International World Biodiversity Day. Arizona State University is located in the United States on the occasion of the International Institute for creature search for new species recorded, 18 in the 5 days in the top 10 in the name of a particular species.
The organization's director general koyentina huilara said , ' Most people cannot imagine , how limited their knowledge of the world creature ! ‘This new species through the United Nations welcomed the further reduction of biodiversity in the world people is passed out.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said, so a decrease in the level of biodiversity in the world, in response to the nature of the organism - animal and environmental balance (ecological system) to terminate the end of perches. Soon in many areas of life - loss of balance, Phase I period may be way off. Severely affected by the problems in the world, 11 countries were identified.
United Nations Environment Programmers published a report in April this year, the researchers said. There were 00 in the 010 world leaders who speak of the ' global biodiversity loss, the transition will take . But in the current image, and the world leaders watched the promise of success. 30 percent decrease in the number of animals in the last 40 years. Myanagrobha and the amount of space occupied by marine grass of 2 0 percent and 40 percent living coral are dropped.
Ban Ki Moon said, the creature - the balance of nature, and it is destroying the final limit peaches and continued to deteriorate.
The father of modern plant and animal classification Swedish scientist Carlos lineyasera (1707-1778) nativity of the new world, a new species within the top 10 in the 3 species are chosen. The strains in Africa, Indonesia, Madagascar (South - East African island), miyanamara , New Zealand , the Philippines , Thailand and Uruguay, have been selected . source : internet