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          Two Minutes To Brush British Linger

Brush daily for at least two minutes, the experts said Britain, but three of the country's adult population does not mean both the rules, they do not have much time to brush my teeth. Continue to survey data found at about one thousand.
search Participants were given time to be out of the house , talking on mobile phone , or a child care take out the reason they cannot just brush over time .
Experts say, is appropriate for the protection of the teeth must be brushed.
Naijela Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Foundation said, ' dentist dental treatment can be damaging in any bacteria or umbrella, but dental care should be taken for the protection of every person every day. Brush teeth, gums against disease are the biggest weapon. ‘He said, ' many studies, an average of just 45 seconds, the brush, we do. '
The British Dental Health Foundation is advised, keep teeth clean and healthy, you need to be brushed every day, twice a fluoride toothpaste two minutes. source : internet