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From F1 to F12 KEY some of the work of the Special

This part works as the Windows Help menu in all places. If you are a part of a program of work that I cannot work or need any help, then pressing F1 will launch the program on the screen. Hope the things I can find out. Press SHIFT + F1 -sensitive help in the form of service to the layout. Press CTRL + ALT + F1 can be imaged in the Microsoft system information.
It uses any file, folder and change (rename) the. Select any folder by pressing F2 will allow the folder name change became official. Using this function, we have some important work. Pressing ALT + Ctrl + F2 to open the old document files can. A sample of the print by pressing Ctrl + F2 (preview) can be viewed. You can press ALT + SHIFT + F2 to save the file. You can copy text by pressing SHIFT + F2. Pressing the F2 key to get into a motherboard BIOS can set up .
If you take the time to work out any information on your computer, press F3 to be. MS - DA sera in order to show that F3 is used. Microsoft Word , select the text and press Shift + F3 key parts of the text to be turned into lowercase to uppercase text .
Internet Explorer on the website for the software and pressing F4 to enter the web address of History (list of recently visited sites) shows. Press ALT + F4 to run any program in Windows can be closed. Microsoft Word, pressing the F4 key will work again (undo). Find or Go To press SHIFT + F4 will not work. Documents will be going to press CTRL + F4 to close the window.
When it is running Windows refresh. Internet viewing software for the Web page again by pressing F5 (Load). Power point can be seen in the slideshow by pressing F5. Word Find and replace window will start pressing the F5 key. Press SHIFT + F5 to go back to the previous Revision. Bookmarks can be edited, pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F5. It will be pressing ALT + F5 to stop the program.
Cars Internet browser address line, pressing this key area (address bar) will go away. Microsoft Word pressing CTRL + F6 key will operate all phases of the document. Another pressing Ctrl + Shift + F6 Word document is opened.
On Windows, this key does not work too. If you press SHIFT + F7 Microsoft Word’s dictionary to find the words to be synonymous.
This is the time to let Windows run Windows Safe mode will not work. Word portion of the compression can be selected, pressing Shift + F8. Press ALT + F8 to run the macro to be.
This is the sound of pressing the Windows Media Player (volume) can be increased. Blank fields will be created in Word, pressing CTRL + F9 key.
It can reduce the volume, pressing the Windows Media Player. The program shows the menu bar, pressing F10. Select any folder by pressing Shift + F10 Display the shortcut menu.
Any Internet web browsers, pressing the F11 full-screen show. You can press Shift + F11 to open a new spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Word book pressing CTRL + F11 will add new macros.
Bengali Avro keyboard - Bengali / English can press F12 key. Microsoft Word by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F12 key can be used to print any documents. You can press Shift + F12 to save the Word document.