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Parents - mother of the child a sense of responsibility on the legend. But this time, the love of family atdakendrika world where it is compressed. But after some time, we hear that the world, which is manabatarai jayagana . China, one of the daughters of the year what dahula Tzu. Uhana bio - injiyarim Institute nimnabitta cells in the brain are a student of class raktaksarane putting the paralyzed father. I do not have anyone to look after the family was sick father. His mother - and the sick. The mother - his father's only child.
68 -year-old father, who is full of caring Tzu because he was putting in regular classes during the father . Family money - midday break during the crisis in order to reduce class universities - kyantine work. The three -hour evening classes at the end of the work for the sale of bottled water and telephone cards. His day starts at 5 am every day. I work out at the end of the morning; the market is back up in the care of her father, the two set out for the class. Penchant at least one hour of their time. In the afternoon he returned home and made dinner. The body massage for half an hour after my father when he came up with his prakausalabidyara based study. I wondered that, after something like Mechanical and Electrical injiyarinyera student test results at the top position. He’s the life of the allocation of authority in the home rent-free for a while. source : internet