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'God particle' more Five variants of the found

It was so Higgs boson the form of a particle. This is a subatomic particle, the particles inside the world of the ' mass ' - the interpretation is. But the United States ' tebhatrana kalaidara ' of recent studies that scientists are, in fact, a Higgs boson particles are more editions. The ' tebhatrana ' agency ' D - Zero - examination of the information received in the current ' standard model ' may be a new sort. The analysis of the effects of the new test in padarthabijnanira doing, ' Higgs boson five editions of particles. '
' Tebhatrana ' in which hyadrana kalaidara protana - protana of the world's second largest energy particle collision with the instrument. Energy production target of one million million electron volts of the device. The device name is the most expensive in the history of science in large hyadrana kalaidara ( elaeicasi ) . European science agency sarna -s main goal is to create the most complex yantrayajnera , ' God particle ' of the famous Bose higgas the existence of particles observed .
Elaeicasira maximum of 14 million electron volts has been the target of generating energy. In March of this year elaeicasi had been able to produce half the power. Kalaidarera scientists for decades in a variety of different time higsa bosana are trying to create, but was unable to get a taste of success in any case. Until now, the only fundamental particles which cannot be observed by science. This observation can be explained by the physics of many things.
In 1970, scientists ' Standard Model ' theory was reached, which leptana , quarks , bosana , the Higgs particle is said to be integrated . It outlines a theory of physics is found. The large range of different types of test - Review and evaluation of results in favor of the standard model to match the success. Due to the ' standard model ' of a sometimes almost everything, is considered as a tool for interpretation. However, the relative gravity of the ball, krsnabastura (Dark Matter) is related to the ' standard model ' cannot explain. The universe is thought to contain 5 percent within a krsnabastu . Due to the ' standard model ' in physics basal cell interaction between ' full models ' is not considered.
The most common materials in the world (Matter), comprising; why every - particularly (Anti - Matter) is formed? Tebhatrana kalaidare managed ' D - Zero ' is the main purpose of the test, the substance of the ' fundamental nature ' of the revelation of the mystery. Tebhatrane researchers protana and anti - collision test run protana . The conflict is likely to occur suddenly pratipadartha . The ' D - Zero ' test results tatparyamaya ' asymmetrical ' pratipadartha substances and found that the ' standard model ' cannot be explained by .
Scientists, however, are derived from the same mass of five gabesanatathya bosana the Higgs particle was detected, but the electric charge is found to be different. Both the neutral and the electric charge of the particles inside a dhanatdaka and other rnatdaka.
' D - Zero, the scientists said. Bibisike Martin said the new findings also have a large range of additional kanagulo materials science simply cannot explain.