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         Amphibious Bicycle

Amphibious bus, truck, car, tank, people have invented many things _ amphibian aircraft. All these are the machine. Manushya Calita amphibian vehicles like bicycle innovation in the light of the day were the focus of scientists. Then fill in the lack of a Chinese Engineer. Recently, he has developed a bicycle, which can be run effortlessly in the water; the land is like a bicycle in the top ten. I hope, like other amphibian vehicles to the general public only this innovation, newspapers or radio - television news has been. Because it is easy, cheap price of the bike. Nimnancale with water to fight the people who live in a household’s utility vehicle properly.
City of hubei province, China yuhana bike inventor Lee guui discussed. 63 -year-old said after the invention of the bicycle Engineer, it will be very cheap prices. It can be found on the market for only 60 U.S. dollars.
The bicycle has been created based nakasake amphibian bicycle. In excess of what was floating in the water for eight barrels (phapa tube). There really is a calakayantra ( prapelara ) , which will forward the bike into the water .
A bicycle in the test run has been completed already. Engineer Lee jhikiyana haneciyam lira at the river bike was able to run successfully. Chaneciyam China Daily said Lee jhikiyana less than 30 minutes to continue the cycle exceeds one thousand meters wide naditi have to come back again.
Guui said Lee, who invented it in the third generation of amphibian bicycle. The first version was drowning in the river. The second run was very heavy and the water was quite steep. The third generation of the saikelatite all errors have been eliminated. After the end of the ground water daurano byarelagulo wrap and can be run as a normal bicycle .