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           'God particle' notation

‘God particle ' understanding of the nature of the dust particles higgs bosons kanatattbabida , physicist , and was one of the sangitajnara . Large underground laboratory borders Switzerland and France hyadrana kalaidare ( elaeicasi ) is their massive Activity. Elaeicasi the name of the device inside the huge kanacurnaka the conflict ceased protanera that power - creating waves, created by a simyulesana they - like waves. Scientists hope that, when the collision of the particles bosana simyulesana be understood by analyzing its nature.
European science agency sarna - created in a very complex instrument elaeicasi , in which protana - protana 14 million million electron volts of energy production , causing friction can be . I still could not produce the amount of energy scientists. Last March approximately half of the energy they have produced. I believe, more high- energy particle collisions taking bosana match the search.
A subatomic particle that is bosana particles, which exists in the world all other particles ' mass ' - the explanation may be. That's the only fundamental particles, which until now could not be observed in the laboratory. The adharake dharatei sarna -’s said. Lily asakuitha and his collaborators have created this simyulesana , through which the power - of the presence of the envelope containing the particles can be different tarange . Kalaidare two protanera clash intermix to create that energy, it will be March 27 km long circular surangajure . The data model will simyulesana saktisrota observation after the placement of the ' Monitor ‘. The information was based on the sound wave will create a model of the simyulesana. Name the process that the researchers ' science fiction.
All rights reserved. Lily said kanati far stronger position when you heard the word simyulesana. The reduced particle distance, reduce the noise levels. Energy particles will fluctuate based on the volume. The level of analysis that can be understood, none of the particles. If the particles inside saktisrotera bosana - and the cost of science fiction.