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  99 year-old bride married the groom was 103

After 40 years of leave in Martina was married to Josh. This is not a religious ceremony .Plain Civil Marriage .It was 50 years .Five decades later, they were married again .The 103 -year old Josh serine .The bride Martina age 99 .The silt had a love drag Interest .' ageless younker' Martina sajalena traditional white gauge . White flowers that are in line with the group .kanera neck and neck with the sejechilena josao .Eighty years ago started playing together in the 3 -year and 19 -year Josh Martina. leave in three decades - the Civil Marriage .I have a big family tree of the bots .sooner suburbs of the capital of Paraguay Home .Josh and Martina from the parents of eight children - parents . Grandson - granddaughter of the number 50, great grand children and great greats grand children, 35 were known to have a20 .The new generation of the family, they married in church anurodhei. Genre shifts in the ring chili .well wishes, gratuity young couple go away .the end of the photo shoot was over with family members and of course Feast.