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                                Spider Kids

Spider Children of their mother spider eating. Then they got caught up in her stocking. net the vibration, the scary movie scenes. The story is, it's real. South Korea, a group of biologists Black threadlike spreading fake spider children’s consumption behavior of revelation. The research results were published recently in the Journal sosiyaksa insect.
Researchers testing in a controlled environment with a description of the mother of the children gathered together over 160 spiders eat the vibration of the web. The victim is in search of the grouping. As a result, the individual, rather than a victim of the times is 20.
South Korean biologist at the University of Inaciyana. The strange behavior of the revelation of Kim’s Own fist spider. All rights reserved. Kim said the spider to the mother to eat the next day, the children began to move . Nearly 60 percent of children spider behavior. The stones down the forest and gardens in Europe and North America, the spider was found.