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     The roof was down live 162 people

Name of distilled theta home runs. The 16 members of the same family living in the same house bakataom state of Mizoram. Jiyona family man (66) Local Gram community leader. His wife of 38 people, 94 children and grandchildren - natanirai life at home. Indian newspapers claimed, probably living under the roof of one of the world's largest family jiyonara family.
Jiyonara a wife in a separate house, but a home for boy’s hemselei the food is cooked. When the meat is held, the 35 kg, 50 kg of rice with pig meat takes.
Gram burora the community, 194 of 1 June Mizoram maoyakaona community leader ' wrong and dangerous ' ideology of publicity khuyantuyaha Paul and his followers were driven from the village. After the incident, they began to settle in the village of bakataom. It initializes the Gram khuyantuyahara community.
The family of three living in the community bakataom gramajure Gram . The number of members of the three groups. The current leader in the management of kin jiyona misele democracy and rationalism. Pesayai members that I have are required to submit a monthly income of 10 per cent in rural and community development. Every year on June 1, bakati tilt ' of the community through the celebration of the festival canara.