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                        69 years after

Nearly seven decades after it was swim suit superhero wonder woman. After 69 years in the fight against the rest of the clothing he was arriving. The 600 th edition of feminist superhero costume changes his thoughts after the legendary cartoon character in the DC cartoons copyright. I wonder woman The Company already has created costumes for the young single. I wonder woman kerosene lingerie and boots and are not capaladhara. From now on, he can be seen in skin tight pajamas, a navy blue jacket and wearing the shoe. DC says, in 1941, after the first appearance of a big change in the presence of wonder woman first.
Woman wonders the paradise Island resort. His childhood there, the unknown power of any one of the homes destroyed and their residents to carry out acts of help. We took him to the Stories. The wonder woman eventually became one of the most potent fighters against wrongdoing. Wonder woman character was so popular that after the byabilana Five of the TV series, and more recently in the 2008 Superstar Angelina Jolie Pre-production ' pinjalim ' is a film built. I wonder woman you are planning to bring innovation to the story. The innovations needed to change his clothing this.
A new story by J. Michael strajinaski niyojitadera sort of said, interfacing with the story of a big change was needed . The twenty-first century, in the presence of external woman wonder if he should make the dive. In addition, any women over the age of 60, I do not have the same dress. I wonder woman considering measures for the new gold.