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          Angry finger at recognize man

It depends on a lot of issues. The men are angry about what? Adherents of a different answer, but the scientists said, it depends on the man's anger over the finger. ‘According to them, the men ring finger index finger shorter than the length of his anger tarjanioyala more than men are. testosterona hormone levels at birth, because doing so is kamabesi .
A group of Canadian scientists continue to research graduate student studying 300 Angers physical expression of a man who claimed to find a link. The results of the research are published in the Journal of Biological Psychology.
Scientists at the University of alabarta . Alice Bailey in the research of Peter and his hard drive. All rights reserved. Hard, "said index finger shorter men tend to be angrier. It’s hard to say for sure about the source of the finger length measuring personality. Conversation or vindictive behavior of the finger length is appropriate directions. Pariksanapatra the study as not being a woman does not apply to them at night. '
The results of the research were told the boys a little bit shorter ring finger bayesei risk of heart attack. Of course, hormones catalyze the testosterana .