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                Electronic cigarettes

Smoking is injurious to health .It was a bad habit level. He was more, too bad a drunk. It’s not just the loss; it is a different bad habit. For example, where the ash removed, cigarettes, thrown down, the fire is likely to result in a lot. Above all, he took the liquor smoking, quit smoking, but he refuses to leave the world does not agree. I cannot play with the health of smokers. I was recently in the market of electronic cigarettes, the electronic - cigarette. Talk of the Day of smoking, electronic - marketed as an alternative to cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is injurious to health - the quality of cigarettes last year. I like the taste of cigarettes, the excess payments were - it was the smell of cigarette smokes that bikata, it does not have it, and it’s a real cigarette without the tobacco is less than the nearly four thousand different chemicals. This is serious harmful ingredients in tobacco and carbon monoxide readings. It is not ash, no fire within. The biggest one, much less than the cost of a real cigarette. It has become very popular due to the short time that electronic smokers - cigarettes. However, the electronic - bad news for cigarette lover. The World Health Organization says the body to the other institutions, the last someday electronic - cigarette, some health issue that has been conducted. In these studies, the electronic - cigarette smoking than the original safe, still not enough data to back up - the evidence found. Two Greek researchers warn that, popular electronic - cigarettes, that is not safe. The British Medical Journal has found that more information is better than before, it's not a real cigarette evil, it is hard to tell. Organization called the World Health Organization, more than electronic - but the consumer cigarette tobacco nicotine enters the body with moisture, which is very harmful. That is, until not quite sure about the safety of electronic health - cigarettes should not be used. Electronic - The debate in Britain in the context of the market of electronic cigarettes - cigarette consumers ' caution ' is recommended. With other countries, electronic - cigarette matched the rhythm of the United States. Recently, researchers in the United States, electronic cigarettes harmful to health. Nikotinao goes directly to the lungs of normal cigarettes like.
What is the electronic - cigarette
Electronic cigarette nicotine without burning tobacco is a chance. It is made of a battery, a ayatomaijara and propilina glaikalas nicotine using a Cartridge.
The researchers said, when the electronic - cigarette drinker, when a sensor is activated and the device battery red head is made of smoke and hot ayatomaijarake makes. This method makes propylene glaikalak steam. This cigarette nicotine taste the tension in the lungs was found and it is like a normal cigarette. We will let you know, this is the most widely discussed electronic - cigarette detector is about.
The leak detector
The world’s first electronic cigarette in front of the person who brought the ekajara pharmacist. Recognize his birth. And there are dispensaries. At the end of the 2003, the leak was a Chinese pharmacist invented the electronic cigarette, the electronic - cigarette. The next year, he’s just the world market with electronic - cigarette introduced. The Golden Dragon Holdings, a company worked. The name of this organization beadily ' rayon ' is. Alternative means of cigarettes. The 005 and 006 of this product in the market at the start. Later, he received 007 patents in this product. They come in 011 and the electronic - cigarette smoking is a widely popular. A big attraction of the young generation. The actual cigarette smoking is harmful to the less harmful it still has not been any research. The reason is that the core of the discussion. However, I can safely say, electronic - cigarette kamabesi it is not harmful, smoking a fad, and the fad -ending harmful.