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                    Miss Gay America

Jessica jedera the new titles. 13 October in St. Louis Missouri hotel is in honor of Miss Gay America 2014 .Blair Williams was the first runner-up and second runner-up krista Collins .Miss Gay America , starting in 197 female impersonator- who can say of a national pageant .However, there are certain conditions to participate in this contest . The pure art of female impersonation- the only issue. no competitors cannot use Female Hormones .Breast implantation- like plastic surgery or neck below the liquid-silicone injections- and naiba naiba f . and mandatory the round was a male - clothing will come later .Every year, nearly 500 contestants from all over America to take part .of this competition is to be held for more than two decades was honored with grand awards khetabajayira .They come up with a new way to make money . They are often to the Las Vegas nightlife nilaye bilasatari cruise - especially at a show - in. Not a low-down, or hate pot. On- stage or off stage, they do enjoy professional careers.