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                             Advertised hitch

Britain's queen of the London danajiyanera meri creates an advertising was banned . Queen Mary with two types of images to make a digital poster prabesapathe was placed under South London . Portrait of Eleanor queen variable interest queen postaratite the chair is a picture showing . After that there's a repulsive Ranir take pictures where her face is blood tint . Suddenly from the queen ' pisaci ' become a way of life, especially that of children in extreme panic . The parents alleged that the advertisement is forbidden .
A spokesman said danajiyanera London , King Henry VIII 's daughter Mary from 1553 until 1558 the country was ruled . 300 in the same period - more than the dharmabirodhitara offense was burnt to death . The lokamukhe his name from the ' Bloody Mary ' , but the black step queen think a lot of people are still unknown . Queen Mary at the side of a building initiatives have been conducted recently . The Queen is one of the first in the history of market the ' villains ' as being enhanced . The purpose of the ad campaign has been created .
Ayadabharataijim Standards Authority in Britain has been elucidated , several parents have complained , that the way to run your ads bikata maratdakabhabe frighten their had children . It's scary to think about the feelings of children are , so it cannot be displayed .