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                                 Sahara desert 

Sahara desert called The Great Desert. The world's second largest desert, the Sahara. The continent of Africa is desert. 94, 00,000 square kilometers of the Sahara expands, so whatever month’s expansion in North Africa. Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, apply elsewhere, Libya, Sudan, Niger, Mali, and a wide range of countries in the Sahara desert. Throughout the Sahara Desert and the mountains, plateau, sand and not good land. There are several oasis and Sahara. All of these people live in the basin desert Sahara, but some of the more remote areas of passage shall live. It’s all across the Sahara Desert in lokasankhya not being more than 0 million. The main occupations of goats, sheep, and camel keeping the date, wheat, barley and cultivated. Sahara desert water is the source of, well, and the delivery. Migratory travel to distant places but it is certain that one of them is more different water source to find a job.
Sahara the desert that is valuable, but it is not. Sahara has made many valuable minerals. In particular, the Sahara desert, Libya and Algeria have plenty of oil and natural gas reserves. We also have copper, iron, phosphate, and a lot of minerals across the Sahara month. Sahara overly hot and dry weather. However, this warm night, just days after night but quite cold. Winter and summer temperatures of 10 to 43 degrees. Rise up - and down. The average annual rainfall in the Sahara 20 cm. Sometimes big dust storm.
But it is not just tree Sahara oasis started. Oasis seen any place in the Desert grass, bush and small trees started. These plants need water in search of their roots very deep sand or soil can take up. It collects water from the leaves of the plants from the air.
Other animals, such as the sparsely populated Sahara desert - there are too many species numeric. It camel in animals, snakes, Lizard, fox, antelope, camel birds, deer, etc. goat name can be specified.