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     The new date of the destruction of the earth

According to the Mayan calendar in 2013 Great destroyed happened. One astronomer has predicted the United States; the universe will end in 2020 Days. But according to one of the ten to twenty years after the Scottish scholar, and the earth will be destroyed, it takes more 200 million years. Jack and Scottish researchers ' male - jyamasa the destruction has announced a new date. According to him the earth will be destroyed in by 2000002013. Mayan calendar or the astronomer’s scientific commentary on the Scottish scholar. Scottish researchers said this, a hundred million years after the Earth's carbon - dioxide - the amount of oxide increases the amount of people that will result in the death of animals and plants. As a consequence of the evaporation temperature of the sun and the chemical reactions that occur in the carbon - dioxide - oxide will reduce the role. He will pass a hundred million years animals and plants. The next hundred million years, the sea - the ocean will be lost and the end of life.