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                        77 year after Black Belt

Almost all of the people in the everyday world a sneak thief, the snatcher from the face of the Most. The danger is that, with time, the bulk beltadhari! Kalpacokhe can easily view the duskrtira suffering - scene. However, Britain ena with Mallet, almost like an old asitipara duskrtakaridera if it is not considered a normal tilamatra him. Mint packets from the local shops and taking a wrong to steal one of the 14 -years-old teenager sneak. Mallet, he served as an employee of shops besides boy I’ve seen such mischief. Mallet injuries from the floor after the sudden karate teenage mint packets and could not find the way to escape. The 77 -year-old Mallet, seven years after he earned a rare pride, which is the age at which someone could show. Spirit of Norfolk granny as Britain's first female combat International Tzu - jitsu black belt from the seventh Dan earned the title. Five feet four inches Mallet himself willingly to keep healthy and ready to take the training began in 1979 after the first karate. In 1987, he was elected spirit combat International trainers. The nearest village two days a week for children and adult karate training halarume he said. He was working out twice a day on the street in front of the local skulasanlagna ' lollipop Lady’s role is. The children can be safely crossed the road as a ' lollipop Lady ' is the specific role. I have continued to study and work in karate as the first female black belt was crowned at.