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                      Giant-eagle paw

BBC documentary maker recently had a group of Venezuelan deep forest. Their purpose was to contain rare species harpy Eagle life images. After several days of trying to find out if they are the same species Eagle home. Home search the cheerful staff when there are mounting the camera, the hazard occurs. A mother and her giant Eagle paw overthrow of the BBC staff. Eagle about six inches long nail injuries to his abdomen dress a worker is properly part of the care. The others received minor injuries. However, after many efforts, the rare Eagle several pictures and videos in the UK has returned.
' The Monkey - item orinoko of the Eagle, the makers of the documentary - producer and expert phargasa delivery at Eagle, Eagle family harpy species Eagle biggest, most powerful. The habitat of the Central and South American forests. Weight can be up to 9 kg. Nearly 40 percent of female Eagle harpy than men are bigger. Large animals such as monkeys and eat prey species at the Eagle. The clutch is very strong. Body length of about one meter and two wings- span of up to two meters. Sound, but usually they do not come over in the open. It is not at all like the open space. Big trees in the dense forest of the generated solid chayayai Home teamed harpy.
BBC's ' Planet Earth ' team of staff, harpy Eagle Hunters caukasa . The extraordinary intelligence. The banarara intelligent animals. But knowing banaraderao trap off and subjected to the worst of the Eagle harpy. The harpers fly feat , return to my home , Kids hold up a rare image of BBC staff have been workes . Standard image will be shown on the BBC.