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                Bionic cat

Welfare of the television series ' Bionic Man ' - we know it’s been a few decades ago. Body, organic chemical and mechanical transplant technology Bionic man power and intelligence of ordinary people much more than it is worth. However, it stopped science. It has been known that the Manor Bionic Bionic cat. The cat is a fictitious character in TV or film. Bionic Engineering is one of the instruments that have been found in the most recent search of the cat.
Oscar the year before the one in the previous two legs of the cat - lost it. It’s a well-known local animal medical doctors and other animals that salyabida noyela phitajapyatrikera .
The long-term monitoring of the cat back to its feet after a few days of being cut off from the foot up to the ankle of the bio - technical (prasathetika) was a successful replacement. I made two biyomedikal Engineering Department of University College London and his colleagues, Professor Gordon blah.
Blah phitajapyatrika physician and professor at the human body such as hands and feet prasathetika replacement has already started. However, in the case of the first example of a pet. The first of these deals with the introduction of two prasathetika organs. They, however, because it is possible to add the cat in two feet of organic chemical processes in the body will be able to cope effectively with. The success of these operations cause the body's bio- chemical technology combines advanced technology with the mechanical organs - organs of innovation - are thought to have said .