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           Music medicine

Opacity of the speech or talk apology Stroke is a common and fairly inevitable consequence. But the biggest medium of communication, so that at the end of the sitting, I cannot remain silent. After the stroke, for sure, and one that is applied to a wide variety of drugs and physiotherapy. But the new research, medicine or physiotherapy may be in addition to the music’s a nice solution.
Medical says, stroke due to the loss of the ability to speak to people singing ability, but they have to maintain. As a result of these circumstances, to talk about the songs might be to continue to work with the roach. Even at the time I speak of the studies can be brought back to normal. Recently, the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Diego (eeesa), a conference that has been dabii.
Israelis dikonesa Medical Center, Department of snayubidya gataphrida slaga Beth said, talking to people, and speeds are controlled by the left side of her brain through. The left parts of the brain are affected by the stroke. As a result of stroke in patients unlaboured or apology occurs. The singing of the brain is not regulated by specific parts. The different parts of the brain work in an integrated manner. Due to the stroke of singing ability has no effect agree.
Studies, do not talk to people after stroke while the tunes they can sing the song. At the time of the crash and the man’s own words can sing in tune. Give stimulate parts of the brain are almost entirely the song. Snayuguloo affected as a result of the stroke is to be repaired, which is able to return to normal once the patient's ability to speak.