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         New Data on the size and depth of the Ocean

The mysterious planet in the space of ocean. What is the amount of water contained in the oceans, and the average depth of about _ how amazing these people have to know? Ocean hole hidden in the mountains so it had not calculated the amount of water it was caught. Photographs from the satellite to the analysis of detailed and accurate information are too long.
Images from a group of satellites that scientists have received new data and the amount of volume of water in the ocean RW stands at 133 million and an average depth of 3682 meters kilometer 20 million.
Scientists have observed with astonishment, the new measure of the value of the ocean in the past to measure very low performance. Osanographika in Woods Hole Institute ( dabilaueicaoai ) hisabapariksana in the management of the ocean . Charity survey leading scientist Matthew said , ' If you search the internet to find out the average depth of the ocean and the amount of water that you get at least five types of information which are 30 to 40 years old . '
Researchers in the past year than all measurements to determine the depth of the ocean is less than 1 meter to 51. The amount of water in the Gulf of Mexico from the ocean just five times and North America ' Great Lake ' more than 500 times.
Interestingly, the scientists said in 1888, Marie clothes hang from a ship off the sea ocean hole size and depth to determine the mass of lead , which is just one of the differences as a percentage of the value of the Current .
I echo the words of the researchers from 0 through 1920 different areas of the ocean are trying to determine the size and depth. The survey is done accurately as possible through the Satellite image.
Satellite the size and depth of the sea current downward in the wake of the May Day is a worldwide shortage of water in the ocean. The thing is, ocean hole the mountains, which allows us to adjust the rate of the past all imagination. In the past, the sea, the mountains in the area at the time of measurement was out of our consideration. Our imaginations in the mountains were full of water and the total amount of water is always a little more off-beat.
Satellite the ocean cannot be seen . While the whole world is watching and giving Satellite image yathasadhyabhabe through. What kind of ocean hole the mountain side of the mountain or the ocean from its properties and the properties of the deep ocean to watch the actual image is transferred? Although the qualitative status Satellite image quite poor in some cases.
According to researchers, the ship - centered measurement data - data with satellite information of the match - mismatch in the whole study can be more subtle. Note that only ten percent of the world's ocean yabatkala ( sound jahajabhittika ) maps were created to be . If one of the ships in the world ocean depth and volume measurements are given, but it will take time to finish almost 200 years.
' Oceanographic ' periodic report detailed information will be published in the June issue. source : internet