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                    Eat less meat

I do not have a day without meat. Weeks if you eat this ' habit ' - it's made ribbons a bit _ can reverse the death - figures! It could reduce the adverse changes in the climate. What an amazed anphorda Britain has published a research organization at the University of British Heart Foundation research group. British confirmed in whichever about eating habits of the analysis has been made in the report. Research team chief said. Renara Mike said, just a week less than 10 grams of meat a year, 45 thousand people from around the world will be saved from death. Medical much statistics are, the more fearsome health problems in the world for nearly two million premature deaths occur in people over 30. In these three diseases, heart disease, intestinal cancer, and stroke. Less than 10 grams of meat a week , but only if the new heart of the world's 31 thousand people , 9 thousand people and five thousand people with cancer from a stroke . All rights reserved. The Mike said, more meat, especially processed meat intake in our body as a result of plenty of bad fat, saturated fat and salt in a plethora of diseases of the human body is the seed bune . ‘He was never able to completely avoid eating meat. Week Two - more than three times that of meat eating discouraged. Mike It will be so much more to save lives environmental protection technology. The European cattle to provide meat in South America - forest fodder production have cut a wide swath.