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                  Kite Electricity

There are many days before a storm - Rainy night sky dragon unexpected wave of research scientist Benjamin Franklin caliyechilena . He came down from the sky dragon polytheistic beye twist. The electricity went about two and a half years after the return of the dragon is. One of the researchers in their jobina bebharta . Wave generators specially designed kites in the sky, the wind speed can be utilized and how electricity can be produced from it, it's - we are researching. His name has been given to the device eyaraborna Wind Turbine.
0 feet from the rise in the production of electricity using wind speed was done to assess the feasibility of the salei 1970. But so far, it could be the lack of appropriate technology. Bebharta stated, the use of turbines for the creation of a new type of metal alloy and were associated with a computer -controlled system, the invention of the human hand to hand.
The design of the turbines, which will be up in the sky like a kite, and a certain altitude pemche be fixed. Associated with the velocity of the wind turbines will be utilized in kite around, and it will create electricity. I will give him the power to the ground with dragon pemche. The whole matter will be controlled by computer.
Jobina bebharta currently working on a jobi energy is one of the organization. The company is working with 30 kW of power a turbine. The technology is proven to be effective in the year of 100 kW turbine will be tested in hands jobi . The next step will be to create a 300 kW a tarrbaina, in which half of the electricity demand will be met. source : internet