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            Just 5 minutes of green Exercise

Health researchers have good news.They say it 's only 5 minutes of green exercise, it is possible to develop a comprehensive mental health . 1 in 50 people over 10 have managed to find the latest analysis found that exercise can improve the mental state and  practical quickly . Mobility in the shop or cycling through the park or green can be quite good .
The study is the work of a variety of body.Such as walking , gardening , cycling , fishing , boat, run , Pony Ride and park , garden or agricultural activities in the natural environment .However, the results were only 5 minutes byayamei .
Side of the water , lakes or rivers, riparian areas results in more exercise . During the exercise , the nature of the body - I obviously had a positive effect , but the importance of the low . The researchers got more , exercise more influence in the development of young people .
Researchers at the University of Essex pretti said Jules , who in general are stressful or mentally disabled , or fails , the Greens,they can benefit from the exercise . The organization's staff who work in high load ,while lunch after a walk in the park surrounding the chance that they will be a lot of mental stress . source : internet