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Eric Martin has been diagnosed with cancer libhare .A thirteen -year-old teenager make - it - it suddenly uisa Foundation ' superhero ' because it is capricious . ' I think that they want to _ ' as one of sbapnapuranera Make - A - uisa Foundation officials claim that Eric was konathasa .
Children heaven in Disney World , they easily with a favorite character of the system that can dinabhara time . The ' superhero ' Hero of Heroes . Foundation officials said Eric A. He wanted to be a challenge . The life of the April 9, Eric became a huge joy . At that time, I bhange Eric ' spaidaramyanera ' phone . He said his ideal hero , said . Dark and blackout be rectified by the redoubtable Eric bhilenake need help . The villains in Seattle ( Washington, is the largest city ) football team has been blocked . Eric is now completely depend on their release . However , Eric now ' baja boy . With ' baja Boys' Eric dive to take action . After the war , he came with his assistant were awesome . Matarasaikele police officers , particularly with respect to 0 and the company gave him .
The mission of the redoubtable anayasei baja bar with his football team are free . At the time, his team and the fans acclaim ksepana stops working , do not fall out of the mission . Make - A - uisa Foundation, through a sort of theater of operations adventurers of all evil and destruction . According to Eric , it's the best day of his life . source : internet