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          Evolution of the rotten Egg

Moments threw rotten egg needs were limited to only one person to dislike. But scientists now becoming an important utkata spread of this eggs smell. A group of researchers in the University of Newcastle, rotten egg is hidden in the far past lives - the mystery of evolution. News The Independent (UK) online.
The research team said. Simon palatana the rotten egg odor of hydrogen sulfide. Now almost 00 billion years ago, Earth's sea floor is filled with the gas, there was little in the presence of oxygen. Hydrogen sulfide is toxic because it tends to hang early evolutionary continuity of life. Then about 180 million years ago, oxygen levels in the environment have increased. Since then the evolution of life is initiated. Scientists say now about 58 billion years ago, oxygen levels increase in second round. The simple life of a large section of the evolutionary fauna emerged.
Bhutattibakadera idea, about 400 million years ago was caused by the Sea - Ocean. The next 300 million years of evolution has not been any sea creatures ekakosi . The change in status from about 100 million years ago. The creation of multicellular animals.
Scientists say, plenty of sea water and the presence of hydrogen sulfide in the billions of years of life tend to hang early march.  source : internet