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China arrests six experiments using high-tech technology

China's position at the top of the construction of the high-tech equipment. Beyond the use of these technologies in China, responsible for fair comparison. Recently, the country's universities - Entrance in the wrong way with the help of high technology to give students the opportunity to sell some of the equipment of the six people were arrested.
The news agency said Sunday sinahuya, suspected to be fake, especially the students who wanted to help. China, North - West gansu province in support of high -tech receiver fake, iyaraphonasaha Full set of 30 has confiscated.
Cinajure the intense competitive examination held for three days from Monday is going to be . The prestigious higher education and almost one million students in the exam will akanksaya respectable career.
Sinahuya news reports said , in China in recent years for various competitive examinations to test the wrong way to be successful in the high- technology tend to use a lot of basanaya increase . The wireless technology allows you to test and duraniyantrana sangopane pariksakakse sitting in the outside can collect from the catechism . Full text technology mkt at around four thousand to 30 thousand dollars. Last year, the Chinese government employment tests such dishonest way for more than a thousand cakariprarthike is suspended.  source : internet