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                                Bionic Ear

Bionic year ( bio - Electronic ear ), the deaf humans precisely and clearly,and songs can be heard . A group of Australian researchers in a new kind of organic - can result in the development of the electronic ear . They have already been successful in the bio-mechanical device using a group of about rats and human waste it would have been listen can be a good option .
Australia led the research at the University of Victoria in the province of La troba said . Tony paolini . The purpose of auditory understand the words . Bacanika people do not understand the word correctly, that is the purpose of the disruption . Hearing Aid for people who are deaf , they can not separate properly play around with the conversation . He heard the sound of the conversation , but the precision is significantly hindered . Conventional Hearing Aid in the many consumer complaints , call the machine a lot of time with the dog is unable to distinguish the sound of a car horn . The new instrument precisely and clearly understand the people , even listening to music will help .
This week, the Journal of Neural Engineering ' the study have been published . Research has shown that , in the message to the brain through the ear naturally pemchaya , artificially created copies of the same message at the Hearing Aid can stimulate the brain . source : internet