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10 Million to 65 million dollars

Guyernika artist Pablo Picasso 78 years ago, a girlfriend , Marie terisa oyalatarera emkechilena . Name that ' nyuda , Green Leaves and basta . Tuesday night, the image of an auction record price of 10 million dollars , 65 million were sold . Krisatisa in New York at the Auctioneer .
Picasso image emkechilena one day . Length was 193 in March . Picasso painted the picture I have a girlfriend oyalatarera telaranye woman . Picasso draw the background yourself .
Auctioneer organization said Tuesday night in my room topful . Itself to the 80 million dollars was eight . One anonymous person on the phone at the time of the film hamkena 10 million to 65 million dollars . And it does not cost him hamkate is trying to sell the film damei . Customer's identity is not known . Krisatisa had the idea , the image may be sold in seven to eight million dollars . However, the economic crisis is so happy because the price of the Auctioneer in the film .
California Art samajhadara late Francis laskara bradi 19 thousand 800 dollars in 1951, bought the film . From then on it was reserved for his family . Krisatisera official duties Jordan said , ' bradi image after purchasing it in 1961, Picasso janmabarsikite 80 th in Los Angeles were once pradasarnite . '
It was sold to the Alberta Switzerland giyakamettira sculpture ' One Man oyakim . It is sold for $ 43 million in the last 10 in February . Picasso painted the picture in the 2004-garakana of the woods ' or ' Boy with the barrel,sold 41 million to 10 million dollars. source : internet