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                Yoga exercises to reduce crime

Yoga is beneficial for physical and mental health , forsooth, it turns out that the term of imprisonment was reduced ! I'm surprised to hear that, but it is true . Get the benefits of Madhya Pradesh blocks. Has taken regular exercise prescribed period the sentence before being released.The province was three months in prison detainees yogasana and breathing - breathing exercise can reduce the punishment period of 15 days. The authorities said , adding the exercise atdaniyantrana prisoners , and teaches and helps to reduce aggressive behavior. Throughout the benefit of the program in the province four thousand kayedi. , He added that many of the exercises with trainers.He said that the Inspector General of the province , and yoga is good for health. This is the body able-bodied , fresh and mind control anger and stress reduction . ' Participated in the arrest of the yoga session and was related issues , it is recommended to reduce the prison sentence. If there are arguments pro and prisoners can reduce their sentences . 'Narayan Sharma from the prison of the state of Madhya Pradesh central goyaliyarera to prison with a yoga instructor . Also helped to reduce the anger of the exercise of his mind. It is a crime of anger. Narayan said , "We have learned that after his release from prison , which is the reality of the results will be better. Exercises can be introduced yoga to the community in one of the crime can not be