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Will it turn the plant kingdom to the human protein factories?

In recent years, a sustained scientific effort and still is severe and plants that enter the human gene, and a small factory in the plant kingdom to convert some of the most useful products can be seen in plenty of protein.Impressive and elegant discoveries and achievements in the field trials of scientists has achieved promising results, antibiotics produced, under which certain scientific terms, was nominated for the cultivation of tobacco, which is defined, serum albumin and albumin, a protein in the blood is used the potato plants are produced mainly in the human brain, and its mission is to produce the material انكيفالين pain elimination of the drug component of the surgical procedure, and plant turnips, among researchers, growth, immune system cells, enzymes and hormones that help the human, and legacies genetic diversity of plants used to produce the life of Dr. Andrew, Ajiula California Institute for Research, the United States, the world-renowned in the field of molecules in the petition as a revivalist in the world to achieve positive results, the antibodies produced by the human body and plant disease-resistant tree cultivated Dr . capture life 's special.For many people, this kind of cheering, when the last of a number of ground: they avoid the risk of their way to make sure it will involve, for example, the president of the Economic Trends Jeremy Evkin the conversion of chemical plants and animals living in the open with clear benefits of planting trees in open areas and the new gene is affected by a violation of the balance of the relationship between plants and animals can be found in the new gene will not happen, because, but adding Rifkin issues and environmental aspects of this activity is to make sure the defenders of this new experience, they the show critics accused them of exaggerating, but the nature of their research, they all agree with the need to investigate further test the new features.The normal procedure for the production of proteins of bacteria or yeast or animal cells, genes and introducing up, and in the past has been to use the means, and they have huge amounts of animal tissue protein extract from the strenuous efforts that, in this modern technology, great progress on the plant is genetically modified it's useful, and it is much less expensive than its predecessor, this protein can produce a very large amount.Development of a therapeutic value in plants can be a part of that, and you, so special attention, is placed in a solution that is utilized in animal cells, and hybrids of humans and mice and cells, it can not fully control them yeast and bacteria are required, and the cost of maintaining it without the help, sunlight, water, soil and food conversion, such as tobacco, potatoes and America Alatonah plant can grow some plants, plant cells, grow, and cultivate the seed does not need to because it's too much, take care of the plants yourself, it can be converted to the corresponding genes of plants with ease.The object is simply to facilitate the biochemical plants for some of the molecules, the installation of the work of assembling proteins, such as the complexity of the fully human cells, and bacteria or yeast can do so, which Fajlaya plants, scientists say this: The most important feature is that it's big the plants can grow, and then some proteins such as human growth hormone, if you do not, other people need large amounts of protein, plenty of useful protein production, there is no way to get it, but in this case by the plant, plant scientists in the human gene to enter, Astratejatn was a temporary one and were able to develop.Dr. eternal life is operating in accordance with its strategy, the whole tobacco industry has been the introduction of immune cells that failed despite previous efforts, immunization with monoclonal antibody to a cell, taking advantage of a special kind of production, the test was conducted, Dr . life that, in order to discover the success of the antibody with a series of heavy manufacturing, such as Jane necessary for the cells, genes are extracted from Dr. Jane 's life and take advantage of a series of light, and in turn, بادخالهما tobacco leaves, and the next step, the bacteria that live in the soil in the embryo is initiated from a single cell to produce new trees, and tobacco on the human gene, the tobacco plant cells and plants, both of which grew to chose from: one in which the heavy and the light of other genes in the gene.The marriage of Almktmmelta Alnepttin, and unite because of their genes in plants, some of the light and heavy genes.This plant is a complete set of genetic instructions because, to collect large amounts of antibodies began.After the success of the problems faced by the life of Dr. devoured by this enzyme in plant cells where the plants are released into the liquid, produced by the rapid pace of antibody production drawings, and the problem of protein gene to human antibodies from Dr. Farr in life is to overcome, and the work of the enzyme, and they are then collected and sorted to a destination where the cell membrane protection of human monoclonal antibodies.They secrete the protein solution planted vegetation, and then can be extracted from, the production of potatoes for serum Dutch company has been using a similar technique, the system is called the Belgian company plant gene, a protein in the brain of the plant turnips and other companies started using انكيفالين in the interim strategy, the introduction of privacy genes in mature plants, plant cells, genes of this strategy, in part by post, double and spread to neighboring cells of a foreign gene, and within a few days the entire human protein production, and holds over strategy whereby the depending on the species of foreign genes in plants is passed by the fading molecules, then harvested and the protein extracted from plants and سوقته commercially, a substance produced by a variety of plant cells Alqtamen people, has sales of £, which is the company's first the product was used in the production of armor from the sun, and that is usually used for this purpose because of the Alqtamen are chemicals that traditional, harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun dissipated, and for a long time exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays are known to be burned in the body of this article, in addition to this feature, documents can move the skin after a bath or a tainted Balsmrh assign color, sun - protective vegetation, 's Alqtamen extracted.The same context, Dr. Douglas Irwin, a director of the company said production of human proteins in plants: development of anti-cancer and immune system to a substance called Interleukin -2 rights mined production in the tobacco plant that can be used, professor of molecular biotechnology and material science professor ملتن Boomer Mac the Institute of Medicine and Genetics at the University of Maryland says: it is the difference between the drug manufacturing plants can use their information in this advanced technology has been recognized to carry the benefits are endless, and it's hard output, for example, regular way, turned out to Aankeristin major drug extracted from the plant called Berri Andlavistin drug production, while production of the property itself, and the tobacco plant cells Alaenkrstein presenter Jane, can cost very little, while the cost of cancer treatment, plant Alounkh Almnaqah 1 vetch wild vicia SPP, a blue flowering plant, shaded and trailer from him for too much Chloh Texiera glastifolia serve to revitalize the work of the liver, and the task will be much easier with the production costs, and a modest cost, the plant Silene conise Alaptt enter Alandlavecetin Jane.source : internet