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        Web Advertising Has Spread Mal-ware Through

Spread advertising on the Internet through a malicious computer program or malware. The spread of malware harmful iyelda the director of publicity at the top of Yahoo and Google AdSense or dabalaklika phimasarbha the Fox network to the public . This information has ayabhasta makers of viruses.
In the last week of February ayabhasta computer users from viruses to spread the word myalaoyyarera the company operating the survey. And study found blagasaitagulo the website or by clicking on the ads from a third party that many Internet users visit the site. Institutions advertisers on the Internet generally reliable , but users click on their ads. But as soon as you click on these ads to spread malware . This is a general site , last year malware New York Times, the report said , the government hoyaitapeja tekakranca and information through the site there.
Said the ads on the Internet in conjunction with the rapid spread of harmful Trojans bhairaserao ayabhasta happen. The main objective of the hackers and users of the Windows operating system . Director of Public Relations in phrinka Leila , and through advertising on the Internet is not Small expansion myalaoyyarera the computer . Can companies such as Yahoo! or Google catch the virus that causes the spread of harmful malware propaganda '.
The month December myalaoyyarera via ads on the Internet. According to the information available at the time the company said in computer users ayabhasta, the show that 6 million myalaoyyarera. Yahoo's advertising manager iyelda of five lakh 30 thousand and 16 thousand 300 from Google dabalaklika.
Be expanded Yahoo and Google on unity myalaoyyarera through ads , myalaoyyarera to prevent the spread of information that they wish to take any action.  source : internet