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Visitor will see the sketch invisible famous Painter

Photos of the canvas to draw with a pencil sketch , which took a lot of Painters . A copy of the last times he feels bad about is the fee . Then delete it. And lionardo bhinci , mikelanjelo, Rafael Painters , 500 years ago in the famous paintings disappeared behind the drawing will be held in the British Museum. With the help of infrared imaging technology paintings have been recovered.
Eight films for scanning technology infrared ' fee ' has been recovered, including the world unknown Rafael kayekatisaha the Andrei manteganarera , image. There is a chance to see move rabare the fee rub. And drug use for forensic testing , technology has been recovered infrared imaging through the draw . Cakera such as coal or carbon components, which have been deleted by the artist , and this technology is make dazzling cihnake . 500 years ago artists adult rutike that the stale dried for use rubber . Prices due to the common use over and over again to draw kagajake.
Hugo Chapman , curator of the British Museum in London, Italian film taimasake, paintings of the artists behind today 's draw after 500 years of existence , it is a wonder. Recovery is the secret behind the creation of this graphic images throughout history . "
And is skecagulo, mikelanjelo the famous book ' Virgin Mary ' picture of him emkechilena other male model , based on the picture, was used bhaskarye the 'myadona' analyzes . Mikelanjelora any of the artists in front of the model was to be a rare event .
Capamyana last week to speak at one of the schools , students and behind mikelanjelora of the picture, the picture you see mikelanjelora mikelanjelora the studio with a box . The Time Machine ' .
Manateganarera different picture . Painted in the years 1496, myadona bhiktari of the ' name of the image is the image of the " Virgin and Child in binitha' - taken from the initial fee .
Said Capamyana, you'll be through with the creation of moments can be ekatda. And will be seen from the artist around the neck.
The owner of the British Museum , and the draw skecagulora can price in dollars . Rafael recently , Prime Meosa film 'is the price of 90 million pounds ( nearly 4 billion U.S. $ 40 million ). The matter in mind , they will determine skecagulora praisatyaga. Will appear in the next drawing . More pictures of the museum is to clear.  source : internet