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Rh computer and remote control: put down the device may come to know the time. Change the channel on the computer screen or television for the document to remove enough isarai! Coming to market in the next few months the machine. Microsoft, and will carry the creator of some of the PC market to leave the instrument. At the beginning of the relationship mouse eighties' between people and machines in the field are able to make a huge difference. Was Lasabhegase last week in the United States Consumer Electronics Show "display. Corruption was frustrating in the last days of this technology. Compared with when they discover a whole new market with new tricks you asked!
Movement - the technology is the TV with a camera. I stood in front of the TV to be on finger naralei. Will finger Ghorale the front to change TV channels. Can be puzzling TV from the palm of the hand. Touchscreen mobile phone - finger on the screen - the bottom, right - left is to control the phone, can only be the same finger in the air to continue to work on the computer screen.
Movement - will be the year after the revolution spread. This time, Microsoft will leave for a new video game on the market. Name game 'Broujkta the natala. In a game of "Wii" will have a computer screen to walk through kantrolarera. Atisambedanasila this console is the hallmark of the movement of the body when they appear on the computer screen. Microsoft is not more than the body does not have to play the game.
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