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                              Turmeric Protects The Liver

Turmeric is used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to treat patients. As well as the spice turmeric is quite popular in the subcontinent. Yellow and digest the treatment of liver disease, it is expected that scientists are working.
A group of scientists from Europe and the United States in one. British Medical Association (BMA) 'gut' Science magazine - a report released on Wednesday.
Some of the mice received a yellow test evidence of the benefits of development. This laboratory mice liver damage is created genetically mediated in some parts of the wound burned. Two of them are part of a given food. Group of mice were given food, karakumina '(that appears haludake the yellow and yellow is the main ingredient) were mixed four times a day. Given to another group of mice a normal diet. At the end of eight weeks, compared with the normal diet of pest liver karakumina imduragulora and destroy the cells was reduced significantly and the case pittanalira work well.
Results of cirrhosis of the liver from hepatitis. Karakuminera is reduced liver lesions and the destruction of cirrhosis of the liver cells for long periods theories. Scientists believe that the discovery of new drugs in the liver results are open gates.  source : internet