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Cikitsakara operations in Spain through the entire face of the young pratisthapane been successful . 20 march of 24 hours in the Spain barselonaya it is through surgery . The first full -face transplant events . So far only partially replace some of the events occurred .
Vol de Barcelona astropacarakari ' hebarana University Hospital sources said that the young age of 30 , his face has been replaced . This young man was reluctant to release a farmer by profession . Five years ago, but in accidentally shot himself throw the whole mukhamandale was so shocked that he became unable to move or speak . The problem is that even breathe . He had surgery 9 times in different parts of the face . But othenani fully recovered . Then he decided to make a full face replacement .
4 hours of continuous expert cikitsakara dasamabarera continue his facial surgery to replace part of the success of the whole . You must have at least two months in the hospital under the supervision of the cikitsakara said . France was a member of the group was 30 astropacarakari . After Joan byareta .
Surgery on the young face of the new skin , the eyes, the bones , meat cheeks , teeth , palate , nose , lips and facial coyalasaha to replace everything .
The day of the surgery, partial replacement of the face are quite a few . France is one of the isabela dinayara . pet dog biting him in whom they have thetale facial parts . After he was put in plastic surgery recover . This was the time of the first surgery of the face . The operations in China and many countries in the world by amerikasaha partial facial transplant occurred . the American woman named Connie kalapa put replacement mouth anekansai .
Meanwhile, Britain's facial transplantation ' team of medical experts Professor Peter batalarao full -face transplant has done all the preparation . North London's Royal Free Hospital has received the approval of the expert group, the four face transplant . Professor Peter batalara face transplant in Spain has been successful in the treatment of complicated . Congratulations to the young man , but byaretake . Is expected , through the gates of the future unveiled the new treatment . source : internet