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                                Sleeping Sickness

Sleep disorders (sleeping sickness) has shown success in the treatment of important scientists discover drugs. It also claimed that, in the face of the half-year consumption of drugs in the hands of people that can pemche. Get about 60 thousand people suffer from this disease in the African Games.
Nyacara Magazine article, the researchers said, and organic chemicals pranikosera (enzymes) which jibanuke illness, chronic disease, and assist in the provision of shelter, they discovered that the drug will reach directly.
Most of the pharmaceutical companies do not focus on diseases that are working with scientists at the University of Dundee in Scotland, England and Canada, York University, Toronto jenomikasa kanasortiyamera structural development. Project Manager, Professor Paul uiyata, the discovery and development of drugs for neglected diseases, it is important discoveries in recent times.
Vampires sleep spread of tropical diseases through-the-fly. Flea bites germ attacks snayutantrake center of the body. Like many of the symptoms of malaria, but it is very difficult to detect. MRSA from the brain to the spinal column can be treated pemche. It brings mental impairment and, ultimately, death may occur. World Health Organization (dabilaueicao) calculated that more than 50,000 to 70,000 people affected by it. Six million people are at risk. source : internet