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Sher-e-mahisura Tipu Sultan,seven weapons and art auction has sold more than 10 million paunderao .It has sold more than five million five thousand in a taloyarai £ 50.Seringapatamera Palace of Tipu Sultan in May 1799 from the arsenal of weapons and artefacts which were luta British colonial forces.
London is the sothabi 's auction last Thursday of the arms and makes silpakarmagulo.However, buyers who have been kept secret . Paunderao taloyarati five million more than that,it 's already been sold at auction were taken in 003 . The industrialist and former Rajya Sabha MP Vijay maliya he had purchased taloyarati.Now that the auction is bikre . The idea was first,taloyaratira price will be 50 to 70 thousand pounds .
Sothabi 's taloyaratike ' extremely rare ' has been designated as.Taloyaratira hatale cut is the proof of ownership of Tipu Sultan . Wrap the sheath implemented . According to the Auctioneers , Tipu Sultan in the armed taloyarera taloyarera number is very low .
He said maliya , the taloyarati Tipu Sultan is a astragarera . So he did it again in an auction . His claim , ' Tipu Sultan is the taloyarati myself . It 'll never sell . '
To be sold at auction and silpakarmagulora other weapons , including a portrait of Tipu Sultan , a pistol into his personal astragarera , bronze cannons  , pack a pair of heavy -wheel vehicle and a karbain.  source : internet