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                                Sheep 'Passport'

As well as pets, especially local sheep has a lot of appreciation. Care of the sheep - they are low Karina attio. Passport for sheep! Countries Central Asia Sonaleo the deal with the beginnings kiragijastanera stranger. System 'passport' sheep every country, and I will. However, it is not in the traditional sense of the passport. In fashion, especially to create a high-tech passport attached to the body of the sheep. This information will paricayasaha the sheep breeds. He said the country's parliament Assistant kiraghijastanera akilabeka japarabha. Said Japarabha, the Government established the bill. The Passport will be provided for all of the sheep in the country. The passport will be sheep from birth to slaughter. What breed of sheep of the passport by laser skyaninyera it can be. He kiraghijastane every cow must have a passport. The cow's body from the dangerous spread of infectious diseases in the human body can do, it can be arranged. Currently, there are 40 million head of sheep in kiraghijastane 5.