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We now have to color foods to use food kalarera . Before using expensive spice saffron. The use of drugs to create. It 's a quality that was not yet known . A study conducted recently , and helps prevent blindness and improve eye sight saffron .
He said a professor at the University of Sydney in Australia , Sylvia bisati, made ​​with saffron and cooked foods , and keen eyesight is good medicine .
Many seniors have low vision. Due to loss of performance of the inner retina . Korayedera retina and behind the main part of the blood vessels in the retina of the eye is myakulate. If you lose sight of the blood running. The researchers are creating the Food and Drug Administration japharane ' Age - myakulara Related dijenaresana' (bayasajanita loss myakulara) helps to prevent .
Sylvia said , patients in the test, and it entered the charts in more than two lines can not be read . I made ​​japharanera the drugs after they read newspapers and books anayasei small text . Problem Drstisaktijanita in the following results for the period of 5 years of research is a three - fold increase . 60 years of age in the United States - a quarter and a half of 75-year -old is currently suffering from eyesight problems .
Studies carried out in Italy and elderly retirees pill japharanera every day for three months khaoyanote see better than ever. According to Silvia, saffron food inside of fat in the body behind the development and operation of single cells , more powerful and strong.   source : internet