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In addition to the fragrant spices of saffron in cooking and medicine and used Bastille . Demand Japharanera increases more than current prices. Thus more profit black marketeer the profits of drug trafficking in saffron.
Been trafficked saffron from Iran to India. It is the loss of saffron farmers in India. Traders said the loss of another Iranian saffron .
Iran Saffron the per kilogram price of £ 100 . India is nearly twice the price. This is a very expensive spice in the end. Saffron in Iran on charges of sending the trafficking cycle . India has a wide range of the cycle, and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia . They are hiding in the trafficking of goods saffron international flight .
The Customs Department said one officer , are trafficked every day come from Iran Saffron is on the run. coracalanira saffron still come in - to 5,000 Indian rupees is increased .
The official said also , Saffron black marketeer to handle the powder in the bag that comes with it . Device can not scan helped determine which airports are anayasei. Saffron is grown in Kashmir, India. However , the past few years there has been a lot of saffron production . Experts say , climate change , pollution and mismanagement casabadera of it has been in the state. It was the last three years a lot of prices Saffron.
' Kashmir saffron groyarsa ayasosiyesanasa' - ' has been reduced s spokesman Shakeel Ahmed Mir , and drought , and during the past 10 years because of mismanagement casabadera of saffron production rate of 85 percent. "He also said India needs more Saffron. Maphiyara taking a chance . South India and Mumbai , and is sold saffron Iranian black marketee in the India. Kashmiri saffron losing market. source : internet